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Velizar Stanković
Milan Gorgievski
Dragana Božić
Grozdanka D. Bogdanović


A new process for mine water purification has been proposed, based on biosorption followed by burning the loaded biosorbents. Wheat straw and sawdust of trees are convenient as biosorbents in the proposed process. Biosorption was performed in two stages: a cross-flow regime between the mine water and the biosorbent. The achieved copper adsorption degree was > 95%. Based on the mine water volume and its chemical composition, the estimated amount of the biosorbent was 60.000 t/year. The cogenerative mode of the loaded biosorbent combustion was considered for green energy production. For the recovery of metals concentrated in the ash, they must be processed separately. Several possibilities for ash processing were proposed and discussed. For an annual volume of mine water and the copper content in it, the mass and energy balances of the process were estimated, giving some economic data on the process efficiency. The analysis of the revenues and costs, based only on the energy value produced by the combustion of the biosorbent, has shown that the process can economically be viable regardless of the value of the recovered metal.

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Stanković, V., Gorgievski, M., Božić, D., & Bogdanović, G. D. (2022). MINE WATERS PURIFICATION BY BIOSORPTION COUPLED WITH GREEN ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM WOOD AND STRAW BIOMASS: Scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 28(4), 255–264. https://doi.org/10.2298/CICEQ210617037S


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