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Murugesan Manikkampatty Palanisamy
Kannan Kandasamy
Venkata Ratnam Myneni


The rapid growth of technology is inevitable in humankind’s life and has a significant stint in electronic waste (e-waste) generation. Electronic waste possesses tremendous environmental and health effects, and one such major contributor to it is printed circuit boards (PCBs). The present work deals with the recovery of heavy metals from PCBs by using aqua regia as a leaching reagent in two stages (first stage HCl and HNO3 and second stage HCl and H2SO4). The response surface methodology was used to determine the optimal recovery conditions for the heavy metal ions: the recovery time of 5 h, the pulp density of 25 g/L, and the temperature of 90.1 °C with desirability 0.761. These optimized values provide a maximum recovery rate of Cu (97.06%), Sn (94.66%), Zn (96.64%), and Pb (96.89%), respectively. EDXs are used to analyze the metal concentrations of the sample before and after treatment.

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Manikkampatty Palanisamy, M., Kandasamy, K., & Myneni, V. R. (2022). TWO-PHASE LEACHING FOR METAL RECOVERY FROM WASTE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS: STATISTICAL OPTIMIZATION: Scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 28(2), 103–113.


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