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Saman Khawaja
Muhammad Rashid Usman
Rabya Aslam


The present study conceptualizes and simulates a methanol production process through the direct hydrogenation of captured CO2. CuO/ZnO/ZrO2 was employed as the catalyst and Aspen HYSYS was used for the process simulation. Configurational optimization of the process flowsheet was carried out using a step-by-step hierarchical approach. Many alternate flowsheets have resulted, and their capital investment, product cost, and profitability measures were calculated. The discrimination among the competing flowsheets was carried out based on net profit and percent return on investment. The retained flowsheet was further analyzed for optimizing the recycle ratio and evaluating the effect of the price of captured CO2, green H2, natural gas (fuel), and catalyst on the economic performance of the plant. The optimum value of the recycle ratio was computed to be 4.23. Additionally, it was found that the price of H2 is the most important parameter in defining the feasibility and profitability of the process. Mathematical correlations were also developed that relate the profitability and price of the above-mentioned feed materials.

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Khawaja, S. ., Usman, M. R. ., & Aslam, R. . (2024). CONCEPTUALIZATION AND PROCESS SIMULATION OF A CO2-BASED METHANOL PRODUCTION PLANT: Original scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 30(4), 309–323.


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