Activated charcoal as a carrier of probiotics: A new approach for pathogen elimination in wounds Abstract

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Sonja Mojsilović
Tanja Krunić
Vesna Lazić
Miloš Đuknić
Andrea Osmokrović


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development today. However, development of conventional anti-infective drugs is going slowly, so new innovative strategies and more research are urgently needed in identifying, developing, implementing and evaluating novel therapies for antibiotic-resistant infections. The two-year ProHealingAC project, funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, aims to use beneficial properties of AC and probiotic microorganisms in developing a new strategy for prevention and local treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections in wounds. Previously, it has been shown that activated charcoal (AC) in conjunction with different active agents has an efficient antimicrobial activity. The aim of this project is to develop biocomposites (BCs) based on AC fabric, as adsorptive component, and probiotics, as bioactive component in order to achieve their synergetic activity for efficient and sustained local delivery of bioactive agents directly into the wound area. Also, special attention has been given to the influence of glucose level (normo- and hyperglycemia) in the microenvironment of the wound.


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Mojsilović, S. ., Krunić, T. ., Lazić, V. ., Đuknić, M. ., & Osmokrović, A. . (2024). Activated charcoal as a carrier of probiotics: A new approach for pathogen elimination in wounds: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 63. Retrieved from
Antimicrobial biomaterials and strategies

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