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Published: 01.01.2023

Cobalt recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries by leaching in H2SO4-N2 and H2SO4-O2 systems followed by electrochemical deposition

Original scientific paper

Dragana Medić, Žaklina Tasić, Maja Nujkić, Silvana Dimitrijević, Stefan Đorđievski, Slađana Alagić, Snežana Milić

Influence of suspension heating rate on properties of zeolite 13X

Original scientific paper

Mladen Janković, Mitar Perušić, Vladimir Damjanović, Radislav Filipović, Zoran Obrenović, Goran Tadić, Duško Kostić

Use of a mixture of coal and oil as an additive for selective reduction of lateritic ore by the Caron process

Technical paper

Hugo Javier Angulo-Palma, Ángel Legrá Legrá, Alisa Lamorú Urgellés, Carlos Hernández Pedrera, Sandra Gallegos, Felipe M. Galleguillos Madrid, Norman Toro