Focus and Scope

The Journal Hemijska industrija (abbreviation Hem. Ind.) is publishing papers in the field of Chemical Engineering (Transport phenomena; Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization; Thermodynamics; Separation Processes; Reactor Engineering; Electrochemical Engineering; Petrochemical Engineering), Biochemical Engineering (Bioreactors; Protein Engineering; Kinetics of Bioprocesses), Engineering of Materials (Polymers; Metal materials; Non-metal materials; Biomaterials), Environmental Engineeringand Applied Chemistry. The journal is published bimonthly by the Association of Chemical Engineers of Serbia (a member of EFCE - European Federation of Chemical Engineering). In addition to professional articles of importance to industry, scientific research papers are published, not only from our country but from all over the world. It also contains topics such as business news, science and technology news, information on new apparatus and equipment, and articles on environmental protection. 

Peer Review Process

All contributions will be peer reviewed and only those deemed worthy and suitable will be accepted for publication. The Editor has the final decision. To facilitate the reviewing process, authors are encouraged to suggest up to three persons competent to review their manuscript. Such suggestions will be taken into consideration but not always accepted. If authors would prefer a specific person not be a reviewer, this should be announced.

Manuscripts requiring revision should be returned according to the requirement of the Editor, within 60 days or the manuscript will be considered as having been withdrawn. Later, the manuscript would have to be resubmitted.

The Journal maintains its policy and takes the liberty of correcting the English of manuscripts scientifically accepted for publication.

When a manuscript is ready for printing, the corresponding author will receive a PDF-formatted manuscript for proof reading, which should be returned to the Journal within 2 days. Failure to do so will be taken as the authors are in agreement with any alteration which may have occurred during the preparation of the manuscript.

Publication Frequency

One Volume, 4 Issues per year. The journal is published quarterly

Abstracting & Indexing

Articles published in this Journal are indexed in Science Citation Index - ExpandedTM - Thompson Reuters and SCOPUSThe full search of the Journal is available through DOAJ.

Impact Factor

According to the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of Sci Search (Science Citation Index - Expanded) 2021 Science Edition (Filtered by ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL)
Hemijska Industrija, was ranked as
130 of 142 journals with the Impact Factor 0.774 and
131 of 142 journals with the 5 Year Impact Factor 0.744 in the year 2021.

Journal Citation Indicator (JCI) - 0.10 (143/159)


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Subscription (printed version only)

You can order Hemijska Industrija from publisher, Association of the Chemical Engineers of Serbia - AChE. 
For further information please contact us by phone 
+381 11 3240 018 or E-mail:

Sources of Support

Publishing of Chemical Industry is supported by
Ministry of Science, Technological Development and innovation of Republic of Serbia 

Journal History

Journal started in 1947. as a supplement of Industrial Bulletin, up to 1970. as supplement of Technique and from 1970. as an independent publication.