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Published: 01.01.2023

Combustion of waste solids in a fluidized bed to generate sustainable energy

Original scientific paper

Milica R. Mladenović, Biljana S. Vučićević , Ana D. Marinković , Jovana Z. Buha Marković

Photodegradation of thiophanate-methyl under simulated sunlight by utilization of novel composite photocatalysts

Original scientific paper

Aleksandar Jovanović, Mladen D. Bugarčić, Miroslav D. Sokić, Tanja S. Barudžija, Vladimir P. Pavićević, Aleksandar D. Marinković

Cobalt recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries by leaching in H2SO4-N2 and H2SO4-O2 systems followed by electrochemical deposition

Original scientific paper

Dragana Medić, Žaklina Tasić, Maja Nujkić, Silvana Dimitrijević, Stefan Đorđievski, Slađana Alagić, Snežana Milić