Production technology and characterization of alginate-based impregnated gauze Abstract

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Jovana Zvicer
Jasmina Stojkovska
Andrea Osmokrović
Bojana Obradović


Traditional cotton wound dressings, like gauze and bandages, remain popular in wound care due to their affordability. However, they have drawbacks: adhering to wounds, risking tissue damage and low absorbance of secretions, requiring multiple layers, and causing discomfort. Modern alternatives, such as alginate hydrogel dressings, target these issues. Designed for moderate to intense exudate wounds, they enhance comfort and treatment effectiveness. Yet, their higher cost limits accessibility. Moreover, neither alginate nor cotton gauze offer bioactivity, while mechanical strength of alginate hydrogel may be inadequate. This work aims to develop enhanced gauzes to overcome these challenges, offering improved functionality at affordable costs and superior wound care.


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Zvicer, J. ., Stojkovska, J. ., Osmokrović, A. ., & Obradović, B. (2024). Production technology and characterization of alginate-based impregnated gauze: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 64. Retrieved from
Antimicrobial biomaterials and strategies

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