Impact of different concentrations of alginate in alginate-yeast hydrogel biosorbent Abstract

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Tanja Krunić
Marica Rakin


Dyeing industry wastewater is one of the major environmental problems. Biosorption technology is regarded to be inexpensive and ecologically beneficial. Spent brewery yeast used in this research is proposed as a promising adsorbent but free cells are unsuitable due to separation problems which leads to immobilization as an important part of the practical application of biomass biosorption. Alginate is well known; widely used and inexpensive material and the extrusion


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Krunić, T. ., & Rakin, M. . (2024). Impact of different concentrations of alginate in alginate-yeast hydrogel biosorbent: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 70. Retrieved from
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Krunic, T., Rakin, M, Rakin, M. Spent Brewer’s Yeast as a Biosorbent for Wastewater: Improving Sorbent Capacity for Brilliant Green Dye by Carrier Design, Advances in Environmental Research. 2023; 96: 127-148.