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Srinivasan Appadurai
Saravanan Kanthasamy Ganesan
Viswanathan Rangasamy
Karthikeyan Saravanan Kanakasabapathi


This work aims to optimize the machining parameters and study the effect of powder-mixed dielectric fluid on the electrical discharge machining (EDM) process. The TOPSIS method of optimization is adopted to identify the optimal machining parameters. HCHCr die steel is preferred as a machining material. Due to their hard and ductile nature, Ni, Zr, and Ni+Zr were selected as powder inclusion in dielectric fluid. An L9 array Taguchi DOE is preferred to perform the experiments with parameters like peak off time, pulse off time, and pulse current. TOPSIS study revealed that the third level of powder dielectric fluid (Ni+Zr), 7A peak current, 9 µs pulse on time, and 2 µs pulse off time were specified as the optimal condition. Pulse on time (Ton) significantly impacted metal removal rate and surface roughness while machining operation on HCHCr die steel. SEM analysis was done to find the effect of powder-mixed dielectric fluid, while EDAX analysis was done to ensure the presence of powder inclusion.

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Appadurai, S. ., Ganesan, S. K. ., Rangasamy, V. ., & Kanakasabapathi, K. S. . (2023). OPTIMIZATION AND EFFECT OF DIELECTRIC FLUID WITH Zr AND Ni ON ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINING OF DIE STEEL MATERIAL: Original scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 29(4), 311–318. https://doi.org/10.2298/CICEQ221215005A


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