A 3D in vitro cell culture model based on perfused bone-like scaffolds for healthy and pathological bone research Abstract

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Ivana Banićević
Mia Milošević
Jelena Petrović
Ksenia Menshikh
Milena Milivojević
Milena Stevanović
Radmila Janković
Andrea Cochis
Elena Della Bella
Martin Stoddart
Lia Rimondini
Jasmina Stojkovska
Bojana Obradović


Comprehensive research, particularly in evaluating drug efficacy, still heavily relies on the results obtained by the utilization of cell monolayers and animals. However, the inherent limitations of these models such as their physiological disparities from humans pose significant obstacles to acquiring reliable results thus impeding further scientific progression. To address this challenge, 3D in vitro cell culture models emerged as physiologically relevant models having the potential to enhance research and drug discovery. Our study aimed to develop a 3D in vitro cell culture model based on bone-like scaffolds in conjunction with a perfusion bioreactor (“3D Perfuse”, Innovation Center FTM, Belgrade, Serbia) for studying both physiological and pathological (i.e. tumors) bone conditions.


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Banićević, I. ., Milošević, M. ., Petrović, J. ., Menshikh, K. ., Milivojević, M. ., Stevanović, M. ., Janković, R. ., Cochis, A. ., Della Bella, E. ., Stoddart, M. ., Rimondini, L., Stojkovska, J. ., & Obradović, B. . (2024). A 3D in vitro cell culture model based on perfused bone-like scaffolds for healthy and pathological bone research: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 19. Retrieved from https://www.ache-pub.org.rs/index.php/HemInd/article/view/1261
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