Bioengineering for creating biomimetic microenvironments: bioreactors and biomaterials Abstract

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Jasmina Stojkovska
Jovana Zvicer
Jelena Petrović
Ivana Banićević
Mia Milošević
Bojana Obradović


Millions of patients are still awaiting new therapies as the traditional models rely on monolayer cell (2D) cultures and in vivo studies, which have numerous limitations resulting in misleading conclusions. Consequently, there is a burning need for the development of alternative 3D models able to accurately mimic the complexity of human diseases. This research aim is to create microenvironments based on biomimetic bioreactors and alginate hydrogels as cell carriers for reliable disease research and drug screening.


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Stojkovska, J. ., Zvicer, J. ., Petrović, J. ., Banićević, I. ., Milošević, M. ., & Obradović, B. . (2024). Bioengineering for creating biomimetic microenvironments: bioreactors and biomaterials: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 18. Retrieved from
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