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Kumutha Ramalingam
Ilaiyavel Sivakumaran
Mathanbabu Mariappan
Barathiraja Rajendran


This investigation employs the salt bath nitriding to extend the service life and improve the surface characteristics of AISI 52100, commonly employed in bearing applications. A wear test was conducted using a pin-on-disc device according to the ASTM G-99 standard, and the findings show a 30% reduction in wear loss. Sliding wear experiments were conducted at 1.5 m/s with a 5 N force at room temperature on uncoated and nitrided pins which was obtained as optimum value from RSM. The three variables and five levels of central composite design (CCD) were utilized to reduce the number of trials and the model relations were examined through ANOVA. Surface hardness, friction coefficient, wear coefficient, and loss in wear are measured over pins without coating and nitride pins. Investigations were done into how 5W30 oil affected passive and drip lubrication. Nitride substrates had a hardness of 590 HV. Also, nitriding has a favorable effect on the friction coefficient, lowering it by up to 23%. The 5W30 lubricant will further decrease the friction coefficient. The lowest friction coefficient was seen with the addition of 14% drip oil lubrication. Significantly less wear loss in the pin was caused by a combination of high hardness and low friction coefficient.

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Ramalingam, K. ., Sivakumaran, I. ., Mariappan, M., & Rajendran, B. . (2024). EFFECT OF SALT BATH NITRIDING ON TRIBOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF AISI52100 STEEL COATINGS USING RESPONSE SURFACE METHODOLOGY: Original scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 30(4), 295–307. https://doi.org/10.2298/CICEQ230824002R


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