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Dayse Maria Sá Silva
Jorge Vinícius Fernandes Lima Cavalcanti
Adalberto do Nascimento Freire Júnior
Sérgio Peres
Marileide Moraes Alves
Mohand Benachour


The potential of biogas production using fish waste (FW) and its effect on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and energy production were evaluated in this research. FW was co-digested with anaerobic sewage sludge (SS). The FW was collected in Bragança, northern Brazil, where the fish industry is the main activity with an FW production of approximately 9,000 kg·day-1. The experimental part included five SS/FW ratios, and in two experiments, hydrogen was added. The experiments were carried out for 30 days, and the effect on the cumulative biogas and methane yields were analyzed. The GHG reduction was estimated using the amount of FW not discarded in the Bragança open dump, and the electricity generation was calculated using the methane yield. Besides, two kinetic models were performed. The results presented a GHG reduction of 1,619 tons of CO2e and an electricity production of 372 MWh·year-1 to 956 MWh·year-1. Furthermore, the analysis of variance indicated that the methane production was highly dependent on the SS/FW ratios, which ranged from 76 mL·gvs-1 to 138 mL·gvs-1. Finally, this research showed the benefit of using FW to generate biogas and electricity while reducing GHG emissions in a city without energy.

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Silva, D. M. S. ., Lima Cavalcanti, J. V. F. ., Freire Júnior, . A. do N., Peres, S. ., Moraes Alves, M., & Benachour, M. . (2023). BIOGAS PRODUCTION AND GREENHOUSE GAS MITIGATION USING FISH WASTE FROM BRAGANÇA/BRAZIL: Original scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 29(4), 319–331.


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