Development of luminescent bioactive glass for multimodal diagnostic imaging Abstract

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Rauany Cristina Lopes Francisco
Ivana Dinić
Ljiljana Veselinović
Nina Tomić
Marina Vuković
Eliane Trovatti
Lidija Mančić


Bioglasss is glass-ceramic biocompatible material that contains silica, calcium, sodium, and phosphate, as main ingredients. It has excellent bioactivity and is widely used for scaffolds, implant devices and for repair of bone defects, among others. Current research aims to develop luminescence bioglass, which will comprise different rare earth (RE) elements and open possibilities for its use in multimodal imaging diagnostics.


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Lopes Francisco, R. C. ., Dinić, I. ., Veselinović, L. ., Tomić, N. ., Vuković, M. ., Trovatti, E. ., & Mančić, L. . (2024). Development of luminescent bioactive glass for multimodal diagnostic imaging: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 36. Retrieved from
Biomaterials for orthopedic and dental applications

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