Soybean bran as the fat replacer in gluten-free cookie formulation: physicochemical properties and sensory profiles Original scientific paper

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Nataša Milićević
Marijana Sakač
Bojana Šarić
Dubravka Škrobot
Bojana Filipčev
Olivera Šimurina
Pavle Jovanov
Mladenka Pestorić
Aleksandar Marić


Soybean bran (SB) was used for partial replacement of fat (30–50%) in a gluten-free cookie formulation. Dough properties, physical (cookie dimension and weight loss), textural (hardness and fracturability), colour and sensory parameters, as well as nutritional profiles were evaluated to characterise full-fat (FFC) and fat-reduced cookies (FRC). Based on the obtained results, it was concluded that the fat reduction in cookie formulation at the level of 30% maintained the sensory properties of the FFC. It was revealed that the fat replacement using SB at the level of 30% resulted in the fat-reduced value-added gluten-free cookies in terms of dietary fibre and minerals. A daily portion of the 30% FRC meets 11.87% and 18.04% of dietary reference intakes (DRIs) for dietary fibres, 26.50% of DRIs for calcium, 35.71% and 46.88% of DRIs for magnesium and 65.43% and 83.61% of DRIs for manganese, for male and female adults, respectively.

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Milićević, N. ., Sakač, M. ., Šarić, B., Škrobot, D., Filipčev, B., Šimurina, O. ., Jovanov, P., Pestorić, M., & Marić, A. (2022). Soybean bran as the fat replacer in gluten-free cookie formulation: physicochemical properties and sensory profiles: Original scientific paper. Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly.


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