Physical simulation of finish rolling of microalloyed steels in isothermal conditions Original scientific paper

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Stefan Dikić
Dragomir Glišić
Abdunaser Hamza Fadel
Gvozden Jovanović
Nenad Radović


The aim of this work was to establish a temperature of finish rolling stage of Nb/Ti microalloyed steel containing 0.06 wt.% C, 0.77 wt.% Mn, 0.039 wt.% Nb and 0.015 wt.% Ti, using physical simulation. Samples were subjected to laboratory simulation at a twist plastometer at high temperatures, i.e. between 825 and 950 °C. Five pass deformation and interpass times were selected in accordance with a processing parameters at five stand finishing hot strip mill. Restoration (recovery and/or recrystallization) behavior was evaluated by calculation of Fraction Softening (FS) and Area Softening Parameter (ASP) values. At 950 °C all individual pass stress-strain curves, FS and ASP show full recrystallization in all interpass intervals. On the other hand, with a decrease in temperature to the interval of 875-825 °C, the extent of restoration is decreasing, leading to recovery as a sole softening mechanism at 825 °C, which was confirmed by the stress-strain curve shape, and values of FS and ASP. It is assumed that, due to high supersaturation, strain-induced precipitation promoted pinning of grain and subgrain boundaries and suppressed recrystallization. Therefore, the critical temperature for finish rolling was estimated to be 825 °C.


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Dikić, S., Glišić, D., Fadel, A. H., Jovanović, G., & Radović, N. (2022). Physical simulation of finish rolling of microalloyed steels in isothermal conditions: Original scientific paper. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 76(4), 227–236.
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