Stability evaluation of biodiesel supplemented with synthetic and bio-based antioxidants by a pressurized accelerated oxidation method Original scientific paper

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Nataša Đurišić-Mladenović
Milan Tomić
Biljana Pajin
Maja Buljovčić
Ivana Lončarević
Milica Rankov Šicar


This work examines pressurized accelerated oxidation by a RapidOxy tester as an alternative method for determination of biodiesel oxidation stability. Sunflower oil-based biodiesel was synthesized and treated with antioxidants: tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) – a synthetic antioxidant known for its powerful protective effect, and a mixture of bio-based antioxidant compounds extracted from vinery waste, VWEeth. The antioxidant potency of TBHQ was evaluated at varying temperatures (110 - 140 °C) and concentrations (250 – 2,000 mg dm-3) by the RapidOxy method; assessment of selected results was performed by comparison with relevant data obtained by the standard Rancimat method. VWEeth was added in two high dosages to biodiesel (87,500 and 150,000 mg dm-3) and analyzed at 140 °C by the RapidOxy method. Both antioxidants at all applied dosages showed beneficial effects on improving the oxidative stability of biodiesel, but not all of the achieved improvements reached the stability minimum identified by the EN14214 standard. The lowest addition of TBHQ seemed to have a similar effect as the tested dosages of VWEeth but these additions did not increase the induction period above the limit of 8 h; two-fold higher quantity of TBHQ was successful in this respect, increasing the initial oxidation stability by a factor of about 2, which was determined by both methods. The RapidOxy method proved to be a very fast method suitable for testing a large number of samples, which is particularly important for efficient testing of different types and doses of antioxidants.


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Đurišić-Mladenović, N., Tomić, M., Pajin, B., Buljovčić, M., Lončarević, I., & Rankov Šicar, M. (2023). Stability evaluation of biodiesel supplemented with synthetic and bio-based antioxidants by a pressurized accelerated oxidation method: Original scientific paper. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 77(1), 85–93.
Advances in Biodiesel Production Research

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