Twinning for graphene-based composites in EMI shielding Abstract

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Svetlana Jovanovć
Dejan Kepić
Miroslav Huskić
Muhammad Yasir
Kamel Haddadi


In the era of intensive development of microelectronics, energy, and car industries along with Radio-Frequency (RF) telecommunications, the pollution caused by Electromagnetic Waves (EWs) is ever-present. EW interferences (Electromagnetic Interference - EMI) exhibit perturbation and negative impact on devices and systems including those used in everyday life as well as on the specialized, sensitive, and sophisticated instruments used in research laboratories. EMI could cause untrusted signals and RF noise. To prevent these issues, materials able to block or absorb the radiated EWs are urgently required. The GrInShield project is focused on developing new graphene-based shielding nano­materials and increasing researchers' expertise in EMI shielding measuring, protective materials, and possibilities to bring these new products to the market.


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Jovanovć, S. ., Kepić, D. ., Huskić, M. ., Yasir, M. ., & Haddadi, K. . (2024). Twinning for graphene-based composites in EMI shielding: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 79. Retrieved from
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