Sound based assembly of spatially organized porous constructs Abstract

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Greta Cocchi
Riccardo Tognato
Lorenzo Moroni
Tiziano Serra


An emerging contactless method for creating biologically relevant constructs is acoustic bioassembly. This method induces the assembly of particulate systems through fluid patterns (e.g., pressure fields, surface instabilities, waves). These fluid patterns produce hydrodynamic forces that are spatially specific and control the arrangement of micron-sized particles. The frequency and amplitude of the chamber vibrations directly regulate these forces. We decided to exploit this novel technique in combination with cell-laden gelatine beads. We then patterned the beads to generate spatially orchestrated porous constructs where cells can easily invade and proliferate.


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Cocchi, G., Tognato, R. ., Moroni, L. ., & Serra, T. . (2024). Sound based assembly of spatially organized porous constructs: Abstract. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 78(1S), 8. Retrieved from
Tissue engineering and in vitro tissue and organ culture models


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