Copper strip corrosion testing in hydrocracked base oil in the presence of different inhibitors Technical paper

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Borislav Malinović
Aleksandra Borković
Tijana Đuričić


In this paper, the corrosion test of copper in hydrocracked base oil HC-6 was performed in the presence of an additive for extremely high pressures (EP additive) in different concen­trations. EP additives are used to reduce wear in industrial applications, under high load conditions. Since most of these additives are sulfur-based, whose compounds can be corrosive at high temperatures, their use leads to corrosion of some materials. To prevent corrosion in the base oil with the EP additive, three commercial corrosion inhibitors are added. By chemical composition, the inhibitor RC 8210 is a derivate of dimercapto­thia­diazole, RC 4220 is a synthetic neutral calcium sulfonate, and IRGAMET 39 is a derivative of tolutriazole. Efficiency of the inhibitors was monitored by standard test methods for corro­siveness to copper arising from petroleum products by the copper strip test (ASTM D-130) and the gravimetric method, while oxidation stability of the base oil was monitored by peroxide number determination. Oxidation was performed at 100±1 oC for 3 and 24 h. Results of these studies have shown that IRGAMET 39 is the most effective inhibitor in the presence of the EP additive at both examined oxidation times.


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Malinović, B., Borković, A. ., & Đuričić, T. (2022). Copper strip corrosion testing in hydrocracked base oil in the presence of different inhibitors: Technical paper. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 76(3), 159–166.
Chemical Engineering - Electrochemical Engineering


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