Investigation of electrohydrodynamic calculations Original scientific paper

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Stefan A. Bošković
Aleksandar Karač
Slobodan B. Vrhovac
Aleksandar Belić
Branko Bugarski


A perfect dielectric model was incorporated into the OpenFOAM® software and used for investigation and, possibly, improvements of electrohydrodynamic calculations. Two different sets of numerical simulations were analyzed, in which two different fluids were present. The first set was one-dimensional, while in the second, a drop of one fluid was surrounded by the other fluid. It is shown that oscillations and possible artificial generation of a curl of the electric field strength can be observed at applying certain expressions or calculation strategies, which can be thus abandoned. Usage of dynamic meshes, at least those present in the used software, and of limiters for the gradient of the electric field strength can lead to large numerical errors. It is also shown that usage of certain cell face values could improve the results. An electric Courant number was derived by dimensional analysis, and it could be suggested for future calculations. Conclusions made in this paper are expected to be transferable to other more complicated models.


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Bošković, S. A., Karač, A., Vrhovac, S. B., Belić, A., & Bugarski, B. (2022). Investigation of electrohydrodynamic calculations: Original scientific paper. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 76(2), 65–74.
Chemical Engineering - Transport Phenomena


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