Decay of the melt stream during dispersion in granulation devices

Vsevolod Sklabinskiy, Artem Artyukhov, Mykola Kononenko, Jan Krmela


The aim of the article is a theoretical description and experimental study of the melt jet expiration process from a perforated shell of a vibrating granulator. Mathematical modeling of hydrodynamic flows was carried out based on the points of classical fluid and gas mechanics and technical hydromechanics. Reliability of the obtained experimental results is based on the application of time-tested in practice methods. Hydrodynamic properties of the liquid jet outflow were obtained. The presented mathematical model allows calculation of the radial component of the jet outflow velocity, as well as determination of the influences of physical and chemical properties of the liquid and the outflow hole diameter on the jet length and flow velocity along the axis to its disintegration into separated drops. The developed mathematical model extended with the theoretical description of the melt dispersion process from rotating perforated shells allowed us to improve design of the granulator to stabilize hydrodynamic parameters of the melt movement. The nitrogen fertilizers melt disperser was investigated regarding industrial-scale production and operating parameters of the process of jet decay into drops, drop size and monodispersity level were optimized.


Jet decay, vibration granulator, hydrodynamic of flow movement, melt dispersion process, rotating perforated shell

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