Experimental and modeling studies of mass transfer and hydrodynamics in a packed bed absorption column for CO2 – water system Original scientific paper

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Dario Balaban
Branislava Nikolovski
Mitar Perušić
Goran Tadić


This paper presents research on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a packed absorption column. Experimental data on dry column pressure drop, flooding point, and efficiency of absorption of CO2 in water is obtained on a lab-scale absorption column packed with Raschig rings. Auxiliary parts of equipment together with chemical analyses provide simple monitor­ing and collecting the data. All obtained data were used to test different mathematical models for a given problem, i.e. for determination of the dry column pressure drop, flooding point and the overall gas transfer unit height. For dry column pressure drop, models developed primarily for packed columns described the data the best, with the Billet model generating a 6.54 % mean error, followed by Mackowiak and Stichlmair models. In flooding point calculations, empirical models were tested and models of Lobo, Leva and Takahshi gave the best results. Mass transfer (absorption) experiments gave expected results, since absorption efficiency increased with the increase in the liquid/gas flow rate ratio, i.e. with approaching the flooding point. The Onda’s model was used to calculate partial mass transfer coefficients in liquid and gas phases based on which the height of the overall gas transfer unit was estimated and subsequently compared with the experimental data. Deviation of calculated and experimental results for the height of the overall gas transfer unit is in the expected range of 0-20 %, with mean value of 15.5 %. In conclusion, the available models for determination of the investigated hydrodynamics and mass transfer parameters in packed absorption columns gave adequate results in comparison to the experimental values.


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Balaban, D., Nikolovski, B. ., Perušić, M., & Tadić, G. (2023). Experimental and modeling studies of mass transfer and hydrodynamics in a packed bed absorption column for CO2 – water system: Original scientific paper. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 77(2), 99–109. https://doi.org/10.2298/HEMIND230120014B
Chemical Engineering - Process Modeling

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