Advanced materials application in biotechnologies and biomedicine Editorial

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Željka Antić
Milica Maričić


Materials matter: any breakthrough that changes society owes its success to the molecular building blocks used to create it. Advanced materials are essential to economic security and human well-being, with applications in industries aimed at addressing challenges in clean energy, national security, and human welfare. Therefore, speeding up the pace of development and implementation of advanced material systems is critical for achieving global compete­ti­veness in the 21st century. In recent decades, significant progress has been evident in the processing and properties of materials intended for use in various biotechnologies, biomedi­cine, and dentistry. This volume specifically introduces new materials based on natural and synthetic substances with improved properties relevant to applications in biomedicine and biotechnologies.


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Antić, Željka, & Maričić, M. (2023). Advanced materials application in biotechnologies and biomedicine: Editorial. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA (Chemical Industry), 77(4), 231–233.
Materials applications and technology


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